Turtle Beach –Our Oahu Circle Island Tour stops for a swim the North Shore turtle beach!

Our Ohana Circle Island tour takes you to a beach where you get to go Hawaiian Green Sea turtle spotting. We even give you snorkeling gear free of charge so that you can go for a snorkel with them as well if you’d like. The turtles are known to be at particular beaches because they enjoy munching on the seaweed that grows on the lava rocks. After they get their fare share of green seaweed they climb up on the  little beach to bask in the sun and don’t seem to mind when humans approach to take a closer look. With that said, the Hawaiian honu (green sea turtle) enjoys full protection under the federal Endangered Species Act and under Hawaii State law. To make sure the turtles as not bothered our lifeguards inform visitors about the turtles and make sure the visitors are within a safe distance while taking a break on land.

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