Ohana Circle Island Tour

Ohana Circle Island Tour

Ohana Circle Island Tour



About our Oahu Circle Island Tour

Ohana Circle Island tour is a guided day tour of Oahu with pick up and drop off in beautiful Waikiki. Oahu is known for being a sightseeing paradise, full of spectacular lookout points, incredible white sandy beaches, colorful culture, outstanding surf and unique wildlife. Our local guide will spend the day with you on our semi-private shuttle escorting your ohana to some of Oahu’s Hidden Gems on our highly rated Oahu circle island tour that even has a special stop at Turtle Beach where guests can swim if they so choose. Snorkel gear provided free of charge.

Ohana Circle Island Tour stops include:

Diamond Head, Halona Blowhole, Makapu’u Pt, Macadamia Nut and Hawaiian Kona Coffee Shop, Lunch at Local Hawaiian Farm (Garlic Shrimp, Kalua Pork, Coconut shrimp and much more), North Shore Fruit Stand, Chinaman’s Hat, Sunset Beach, North Shore beach home to Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles; swimming is optional and snorkel gear will be provided free of charge, and Dole Pineapple Plantation

What to Bring

Cash for lunch, souvenirs, bathing suit and towel


Waikiki Pickup

Waikiki Pickup (7:15 a.m.)

Our semi private shuttle will arrive at 7am for pick up in Waikiki, with a local guide to help you prepare for a day of exploring the island of Oahu. Pick up times vary by hotel and will be automatically assigned when you input your information into our online booking platform.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head Lookout

The first lookout we visit is an elevated view perched on the eastern side of Waikiki’s famous Diamond Head Volcano, This lookout grants us a great opportunity for pictures of the south eastern coastline of Oahu, with notable sights as far as Hanauma bay and Maui on a clear day. The location is more formally known as Amelia Earhart Lookout, known for where bystanders gathered to watch Earhart make her first solo aviation journey from Hawaii to North America.

Halona Blowhole

Halona Blowhole

Molten lava tubes from volcanic eruptions that occurred from Oahu’s Koko Head crater formed the natural occurrence known as the Halona Blowhole. This lava tube extends into the ocean with a very narrow opening at the top, and when the surf is just right, water pressure builds up within the lava tube and erupts through the narrow opening creating a special Hawaiian Geyser for your viewing pleasure.

Makapuu Point

Makapu’u Point

Witness Waimanalo’s dramatic sea cliffs as we turn into Oahu’s windward side as we begin our journey to the North Shore of Oahu. Look off into the azure blue waters of the bay and you will see Oahu’s famous Manana Island also known as Rabbit island due to its Rabbit like shape.

Macadamia nut Farm with Kona coffee samplings

Hawaiian Coffee and Macadamia Nut Tastings

After a beautiful drive along Oahu’s eastern coastline, our next stop is a local shop that finds itself tucked away under aged Banyan Trees with macadamia nut and delicious Kona coffee tastings, along with very tempting Hawaiian chocolates amongst other treats.

Chinaman’s Hat and Kualoa Mountain Range

Chinaman’s Hat and Kualoa Valley Mountain Range

Chinaman’s Hat, also known as Mokolii, is nestled right next to the Kualoa Valley Mountain range. This location is known for its dramatic landscape filmed in a number of Hollywood movies; most notably and fan favorite Jurassic Park. The island has earned the nickname Chinaman’s Hat from its resemblance to the straw hats that the Chinese immigrants wore when working Oahu’s sugar plantations during the early 1900’s.

Famous North Shore Shrimp Lunch on a Local Hawaiian Farm

Our guide will walk you through a local taro patch on a farm located at the base of the Ko‘olau Mountain Range . Get a first hand look at how ancient Hawaiian agriculture practices live on and how to this day still manage to provide for local families to live off the land using the techniques and traditions passed down through generations. We also eat lunch at the farm. The farm has a restaurant that can prepare all of the famous North Shore delicacies. Garlic Shirmp, Coconut Shrimp, and Kalua Pork are just some of the mouth watering plates available for lunch. Vegetarian options are available. Please bring cash for lunch

Tropical Fruit Stands

Tropical Fruit Stands

After lunch we make a stop at a North Shore tropical fruit stand which offers ice cold coconuts to drink from, fresh mangos, and other tropical treats.

North Shore Sunset Beach

North Shore Sunset Beach

A change of pace from the crowded beaches of Waikiki, The infamous Sunset Beach on the North Shore offers tranquility and is the epitome of a beautiful Hawaiian Beach. However don’t lets the summer months fool you, during the winter months, swells of 30 to 40 feet can be seen from the safe confines of shore.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle spotting with the option to snorkel

Hawaii Green Sea Turtle Beach for Swimming and Snorkeling

Hono is the Hawaiian name for our beloved Green Sea Turtles. Our Honu are very Hawaiian in that they love to lay on the sand and bask under the warm sun. We take you to a beach where we spend 90 minutes hoping to spot this incredible occurrence and we will also provide snorkeling gear so guests can go for a swim and hopefully snorkel alongside a green sea turtle as well if they would like. Snorkel Gear is included in the price of the tour. Please bring sunscreen and a towel.

Dole Pineapple Plantation

Dole Pineapple plantation

A historic pineapple plantation home to pineapple magnets, pineapple t-shirts, pineapple keychains and most importantly pineapple ice cream aka Dole Whip!! A great way to end the day and get some pineapple themed souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

Waikiki Return

Waikiki Return (3:30)

After a day of activities and fun, we return to Waikiki, just in time to make plans for the night. Mahalo for joining us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Oahu tour lasts approximately 8 hours, depending on where you’re staying in Waikiki. Pickups are anywhere between 7:00 am -7:20 am, drop-offs are between 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Please bring extra cash for lunch, snacks, and Dole’s pineapple ice cream. Also a bathing suit and towel is recommended if you want to go swimming. Sunscreen is also highly recommended. Snorkel gear is provided free of charge.

There will be many stops along the way, about every 30-45 minutes for restroom stops.

Cancel within 48 hrs no questions asked!

We don’t guarantee turtle sightings because we can’t control wildlife. However, it is highly likely because we work with the lifeguards on the north shore that do turtle spotting for us. If you don’t see turtles you may join the tour again for free until you see turtles!

Check out our Reviews on google and Tripadvisor

  • Rina SRina S

    Great circle island tour!

    This was our first trip to Hawaii. We had a lot of places we want to go, but we didn’t have enough time to go everywhere by ourselves. This amazing tour made our dream come true. They took us a lot of places around Oahu for one day, and we enjoyed beautiful views, snorkeling, and Hawaiian food. I highly recommend it for people who visit Hawaii first time!

  • Shelby FrankieShelby Frankie

    This was a great tour! The tour guide was very informative and friendly. This tour stops at the best shrimp truck I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend the spicy garlic shrimp. (: the sea turtle experience is incredible. I saw several when i was there. Circle island tours is by far one of the best tours Iv been on.

  • Neesha KambleNeesha Kamble

    The tour was phenomenal! Milo was an amazing and hilarious tour guide! The overall layout of the tour was amazing, we visited numerous places and stopped as needed. I would definitely recommend this tour to any tourist wanting to see the island of Oahu.

  • Joanne-Mark DriessenJoanne-Mark Driessen

    AWESOME TOUR!! Uncle Tony was an outstanding, engaging, knowledgeable and extremely funny guide. He truly loves his job and sharing his culture. We appreciate all that you did Uncle Tony.

  • Maria GraciaMaria GraciaT-Solutions

    Our experience with them was FUN. We booked for our family bonding and it all went out really worth it. My friends are planning to go also in Hawaii so we will be come back soon.. yey.

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