1. Use online resources and social media to find the best deals: You can use online resources and social media to make the most out of your trip to Hawaii. Online resources and social media can help you make travel plans, find restaurants and so on.
  2. Make your vacation about quality: It is important that you focus on quality if you want to make the most out of your trip to Hawaii. There are lots of memorable experiences that can be had in Hawaii.
  3. Do not travel to Hawaii during school holidays: Hawaii is quite expensive when you travel there during the holidays as condos, rentals, flight rates and everything else is inflated. Try to travel to Hawaii during the off-season as prices are reasonably low.
  4. Pack your own food: Hunger can dampen a fun vacation so it is important that you pack you own food when you make a trip to Hawaii. You can get snacks, you can get an ice chest and you get an insulated bag to help keep food cool.
  5. Splurge on adventure: You should splurge on adventure while you are in Hawaii. You have to enjoy your experience. You can engage in deep diving, take a helicopter tour or soar over waterfalls. You can use camera for car or video recording glasses to record your awesome experiences in Hawaii.
  6. Prepare for jet lag: Do not expect to be totally fit when you arrive in Hawaii. Time difference and jet lag can impact you a bit so you have to ease yourself into your vacation in Hawaii.
  7. Don’t blow your budget: It is important that you do not blow your budget while planning and when you are in Hawaii. Do not try to see everything. It is also not necessary that you stay in a luxury resort. You can consider staying in a condo as it is less costly.
  8. Safety: Your safety is important while you are in Hawaii. Whether you are swimming, riding a kayak or snorkeling in the ocean you should remember that your safety is important. Respect the elements and do not assume that you are invincible.



Maui: Maui is an incredible isle with unique landscapes and terrain. The Haleakala is a popular attraction in Maui. It is an earthly formation that is 10,000 feet above sea level. The Haleakala is a popular destination for hikers and from the Haleakala you can experience breathtaking sunsets.  You should equip yourself with the right gear when you want to hike Haleakala as it is prone to sudden weather changes.  The Ho’okipa Beach is also an exciting location you can check out. It is ideal for surfing and surfers from all over the world spend their holidays there.

Kauai: Kauai is known as the island of discovery or the garden isle. In Kauai you will find the grand canyon of the pacific which is known as the Waimea Canyon. The Waimea Canyon is vast so it is important that you get a map if you want to navigate it.The Na Pali coast is the place to go in Kauai. It has lush rain forests, miles of cliffs and white sand beaches. The Na Pali is isolated and has a rugged terrain so it is important that you equip yourself with the right gear, enough food and enough water.

Oahu’s North Shore – The North Shore is home to famous big wave beaches, North Shore Shrimp stands and Turtle Beach. Join Ohana Circle Island tour and visit all of these places and much more. While visiting the hidden gems of Oahu you will be gorging on our Island fruits, snorkeling with our beloved Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and have you embracing our world renowned beaches on an air conditioned 20 passenger shuttle  Other places to visit in Oahu are the Bishop Museum, Pearl Harbour, The Arizona Memorial, Mauna Loa and Maua Kea.


Oahu’s Best Circle Island Tour

🌴 Want to see what makes Hawaii so special? 🌴 Join us and visit the hidden gems of Oahu! Gorge on our delectable island fruits, snorkel with our beloved Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and embrace our world-renowned beaches on an air conditioned semi private shuttles. Our Oahu Circle Island Tour stops include: 👉 Diamond Head 👉 Halona Blowhole 👉 Makapuu Pt 👉 Macadamia Nut Farm 👉 North Shore Shrimp and Fruit Stand 👉 Chinaman’s Hat 👉 Sunset Beach 👉 Secret beach with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles with snorkel gear provided if you want to swim. 👉 Dole Pineapple Plantation 🌴 Our locally guided tours operate daily with pick up and drop off in Waikiki. 🌴 Book your tickets online now and take advantage of our super affordable rates: 👨 Adults – $80 per pax 👧 Children 3 to 12 years of age – $45 per pax 👶 Lap Child – FREE visit us at to learn more

Dole Plantation – Our Oahu Circle Island Tour visits the famous pineapple fields of Oahu’s North Shore

Dole Pineapple Plantation

Originally operated as a fruit stand beginning in 1950, Dole Plantation opened to the public as Hawaii’s “Pineapple Experience” in 1989. This is Ohana Circle Island tour’s last stop of the day which happens to be one of Oahu’s most popular visitor attractions welcoming more than one million visitors a year. Dole Plantation provides enjoyable activities for the entire family, including the Pineapple Express Train Tour, the Plantation Garden Tour, and the Pineapple Garden Maze. Also popular are informational displays and presentations, as well as the plantation store offering a wide variety of gifts, local favorites, foods and refreshments.  And, before you leave you can purchase a fresh pineapple to take home!

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Sunset Beach – Our Oahu Circle Island Tour knows where the surf’s up

North Shore Sunset Beach

Like many beaches on Oahu’s North Shore, Sunset Beach is considered dangerous to inexperienced surfers. Tradewinds and the offshore breeze make paddling out an arduous task and extensive coral formations present a risk of injury. For seasoned surfers, Sunset Beach will pump perfect waves with West-to-Northeast swells coming from the North Pacific. It was home to the Duke Kahanamoku invitational surfing competition until 1985 and it now holds contests such as Pipe Masters and the WSL Championship Tour. Our Ohana Circle Island tour guests will enjoy this lovely beach with views of the ocean and to have a chance to watch world-famous surfers doing what they do best.

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China Man’s Hat – Visits Hollywood’s Hawaiian Backyard on our Oahu Circle Island tour

Chinaman’s Hat and Kualoa Mountain Range

Mokoli’i, commonly known as Chinaman’s hat, means ‘little lizard’. According to Hawaiian mythology, the island is the remains of a giant lizard’s or dragon’s tail that was chopped off and tossed into the ocean by a goddess. Today, Chinaman’s hat is part of the 157 acre Kualoa Regional Park. Besides being home to very important Oahu wildlife, this little island has also been the set and backdrop for many blockbuster movies like Jumanji and Pirates of the Caribbean. Our Ohana Circle island tour visitors will also enjoy posing with the island at a distance, lining up underneath it in order to make it look like an actual hat! Boasting movie scenes from Jurassic Park, Kualoa Ranch can also be seen in the backdrop.

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North Shore Shrimp Stand –Our Oahu Circle Island tour guests get to taste some garlic shrimp!

North Shore Shrimp Stands for lunch


For many years the North Shore of Oahu has been know for two major attractions: big surf and shrimp farms. Visitors can enjoy fresh never-frozen shrimp, freshly farmed in the backyard. Equipped with long picnic tables and lots of aloha, the shrimp stand is a quality lunch stop frequented by locals and visitors alike. Traditionally served with a scoop of rice on the side, this thirteen dollar plate is sure to keep our Ohana Circle Island tour guests happy and satisfied for the adventures still ahead. For those who are allergic to shrimp, fresh local fruit can also be purchased at other stands in the vicinity.

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Turtle Beach –Our Oahu Circle Island Tour stops for a swim the North Shore turtle beach!


Our Ohana Circle Island tour takes you to a beach where you get to go Hawaiian Green Sea turtle spotting. We even give you snorkeling gear free of charge so that you can go for a snorkel with them as well if you’d like. The turtles are known to be at particular beaches because they enjoy munching on the seaweed that grows on the lava rocks. After they get their fare share of green seaweed they climb up on the  little beach to bask in the sun and don’t seem to mind when humans approach to take a closer look. With that said, the Hawaiian honu (green sea turtle) enjoys full protection under the federal Endangered Species Act and under Hawaii State law. To make sure the turtles as not bothered our lifeguards inform visitors about the turtles and make sure the visitors are within a safe distance while taking a break on land.

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Macadamia Nut Farm –Our Oahu Circle Island Tour stops for a snack

Macadamia nut Farm with Kona coffee samplings


Ohana Circle Island tour visits a family owned farm that began its roadside operation in 1987. With Kamehameha highway in the front and the Pacific Ocean at its back, this farm boasts natural beauty in abundance. Roosters and chickens can be observed roaming the property and pecking on macadamia nuts and their shells. The farm reserves an area where guests can put their skills to work and and crack open their own nuts by placing them on a tree stump and striking them with a rock. A decently sized gift shop can also be found nearby, for those who prefer their macadamias pre-cracked. Many flavors are available – from simply salted to fun flavors like caramel and cinnamon. Guests are also able to enjoy delicious Kona coffee and purchase locally crafted arts and a variety of gifts.

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Makapu’u Lookout – Our Oahu Circle Island Tour visits the east side of Oahu

Makapuu Point


Located on the eastern end of the island of Oahu, Makapu’u has served as movie set for movies like 50 First Dates and Hunger Games. On Ohana Circle Island tour you will visit the Makapu’u Point cliff lookout, located on the most eastern tip of the island and is the site of a prominent lighthouse, which is actively utilized by the United States Coast Guard. The entire area is quite scenic and a panoramic view is presented at this lookout, here the road surmounts the cliff just before turning north to the windward side of the island. This lookout is also a great area to spot whale spouting at a distance, so visitors usually make sure to keep an eye on the vast blue ahead! Also visible is Manana Island, dubbed Rabbit Island by locals due to its shape.

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Halona Blowhole – Ohana Circle Island Tour finds Oahu’s natural coves

Halona Blowhole


Thousands of years ago when volcanoes were still active in Oahu, Koko Crater’s lava flowed into this area of the ocean. The molten lava tubes that occurred thousands of years ago formed the natural occurrence we now kn0w as Halona Blowhole. The lava tubes extend into the ocean which are narrow at the top and, when the surf is favorable, this blowhole can shoot sea spray up to thirty feet high in the air. The geyser is most active when the tide is high and the winds are strong. On a calm and clear day, the island of Moloka’i can also be observed in the distance.

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