Kayaking in Kailua

Kayaking in Kailua is a great way to spend a day on the east side of Oahu. I highly recommend going to Kailua Beach Adventures for all of your kayaking and beach needs in Kailua. Kailua Beach Adventures rent single or double kayaks which you can launch directly from Kailua Beach.

Kayaking in Kailua with Kailua Beach Adventures | Ohana Circle Island Tour

Kayaking destinations include either Flat Island, Mokulua Island or Lanikai beach.  If you have the energy and time, Mokulua Island is well worth the journey. Here you will find other kayakers hanging out on the beach playing music, having a beer, and lounging on the pristine sand.  A quick 10-minute hike takes you to the other side of the Mokulua Island where you will embrace mars like rock formations that will just blow you away, making every swing of the paddle you took well worth it.  Make sure to bring water, sun screen , and some light snacks before you embark. I also recommend a dry bag for the kayak, everything will get wet, included your I Phone 7 that you thought was waterproof ( I learned the hard way).  Have Fun!!

Check out Mokulua Island, Lanikai Island & Flat Island for your kayaking adventuresAmazing view while kayaking in Kailua | Oahu grand circle island tour

One of the best things to do in Oahu is kayaking in Kailua | Hawaii toursInclude kayaking in Kailua in your list of fun activities to do in Oahu with Ohana Circle Island Tour

Sun kissed skin? A trip to Hawaii will be perfect for you! Check out Oahan Circle Island Tour for available tour dates.  Amazing rock formations in Kailua beach | Oahu circle full day tour

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Ohana Circle Island Tour will bring you to the best beaches in Oahu Hawaii

The best thing about Oahu is you can bathe in crystal clear waters of Kailua Beach Hawaii

Marvelous beauty and serene waters in Kailua beach. Kayaking in Kailua is an amazing Hawaii experience

Fine beach sand at Kailua Hawaii. Plan your trip to Oahu now!

Kayaking in Kailua is definitely a must try for Hawaii visitors

Rest in the shade of rock formations in Kailua Beach after a long day of kayaking

Kayaks for rent are available in Kailua beach. Check them out!


Going for some adrenaline rush while in Hawaii? Try kayaking in Kailua beach!

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