Keana Point, A gorgeous hike on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii.

Hiking Keana Point is a fantastic way to get out of Waikiki and see a part of the Oahu that few tourists get to experience. Here are some pics of the hike coming from the leeward side.  The hike is incredible and offers views of Hawaii that you will never forget. With the Waianae mountains to your right, whales breaching to your left, blow holes providing you with some much-needed mist, waves crashing against basketball sized spa rocks, napping monk seals, and Laysan Albatross birds with their 6 foot wingspans soaring above you and their protected nesting grounds all come together to leave you speechless as you walk along the coast of this big rock in the middle of the ocean.

Hiking Keana Point, Oahu, Ohana Circle Island Tour
Keana Point Oahu, Keana Point, Oahu, Circle Island tour
Keana Point, Oahu Circle island tour

Keana Point | Oahu Hawaii | Oahu full day circle island tour

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