Brunch in Hawaii

In my time spent in Hawaii, I’ve learned that there are two things you just can’t go wrong, ordering off the breakfast/ brunch menu when deciding to go out and spend $60 on a meal that you could have made at home for $6. And that my friends are Hawaiian Pancakes and Eggs Benedict. Egghead in Kakaako located ten minutes outside Waikiki is a great spot to grab yourself a hot coffee and start the day off with that hearty meal to get you through your hike or afternoon surf sesh.Brunch in Hawaii | Honolulu, HI | Egghead CafeOne of the best places to eat in Oahu, Hawaii | Egghead CafeEgghead Cafe for your brunch in Hawaii | Ohana Circle Island Tour

Complete your trip to Hawaii with a brunch in Egghead Cafe | Honolulu, HIEnjoy a scrumptious meal with best brunch in Hawaii | Egghead, Honolulu | OahuLoad up before you start your hiking or surfing session in Honolulu | Egghead HawaiiOne of the best brunch you can get in Hawaii | Egghead Cafe | OahuBook your Hawaii full day island tour now with Ohana Circle Island Tour | 808-657-2178

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