Best Acai Bowl on North Shore of Oahu – Haleiwa Bowls

Few Acai Bowls will convince us over here at Ohana Circle Island Tour to drive all the way to the North Shore for. However, Haleiwa Bowls located at 66-030 Kamehameha Highway in Haleiwa is sure close to taking the Acai Bowl throne on the North Shore if it hasn’t already. You will be lucky to get here and not have to wait in line. The two most popular options are the Hapa or the Mana bowls, you can’t go wrong with either. The main difference is the texture of the acai puree. I personally recommend a cacao nip topping to leave a chocolately sense of being after devouring this healthy snack before cruising to Waimea.

The best Acai Bowl on North Shore of Oahu Hawaii | Ohana Circle Island Tour Haleiwa Bowls - North Shore's best Acai Bowl | Oahu Hawaii Yummy treats from Haleiwa Bowls in Kamehameha Hwy, | Haleiwa, HI

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