Waikiki Farmers Market

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday make sure to head down to Kings Village for a great Waikiki Farmers Market.  Get fresh Garlic Shrimp, Kailua pig, pineapples, Pad Thai.. it’s all here from 4:00 till 8:00 pm.

Great food at the Waikiki Farmers Market in Kings Village Honolulu Fresh local produce in the Farmers Market in Waikiki | Oahu Hawaii

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Best Acai Bowl on North Shore of Oahu – Haleiwa Bowls

Few Acai Bowls will convince us over here at Ohana Circle Island Tour to drive all the way to the North Shore for. However, Haleiwa Bowls located at 66-030 Kamehameha Highway in Haleiwa is sure close to taking the Acai Bowl throne on the North Shore if it hasn’t already. You will be lucky to get here and not have to wait in line. The two most popular options are the Hapa or the Mana bowls, you can’t go wrong with either. The main difference is the texture of the acai puree. I personally recommend a cacao nip topping to leave a chocolately sense of being after devouring this healthy snack before cruising to Waimea.

The best Acai Bowl on North Shore of Oahu Hawaii | Ohana Circle Island Tour Haleiwa Bowls - North Shore's best Acai Bowl | Oahu Hawaii Yummy treats from Haleiwa Bowls in Kamehameha Hwy, | Haleiwa, HI

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The Street brings a much needed social foodie scene to Waikiki

The Street in the new International Market Place brings a much needed social foodie scene to the restaurant chain industry that currently dominates the gastronomic scene in Waikiki.  At first, the International Market Place appeared to be an oversaturated Sunglass Hut, Footlocker, Gucci infested Waikiki shopaholic addicted mess. However, with time, interesting cafes and bars have started to sprout up in and around the Market Place. The Street opened up two weeks ago and is a very hip food court where one can order a Manhattan with their pizza, cookies with their Calamari salad, or possibly a side of meatballs to compliment their ramen.   In regards to beverages, two bars are located within the food court along with a cafe if you feel like getting caffeinated instead of buzzed. The variety of options are endless here and the music with occasional DJ provides a great place to sit back and mingle with tourists and locals alike.  This will become the place to be in Waikiki before you head out for a night of partying or after a long day of cruising on the beach.

The Street HNL - Waikiki Hawaii | International Market Place
The Street food scene in Waikiki
A must try social house in the heart of Waikiki - The Street | Honolulu Hawaii
Curated by Chef Michael Mina, The Street brightens up Waikiki’s social foodie scene.
Dine and unwind after a long day of your Oahu tour in The Street with Ohana Circle Island Tour
The Street at the International Market Place Honolulu.
Social foodie scene in Waikiki | The Street Honolulu Hawaii
The Street HNL – International Market Place Hawaii
The Street Social House by Chef Michael Mina | Honolulu Hawaii
The Street Social House by Chef Michael Mina
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One of the best places to eat in Oahu Hawaii

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Best Acai Bowl in Kailua, Hawaii – Nalu Health Bar and Cafe

Nalu Health Bar and Cafe located in Kailua, Hawaii offers the best Acai bowl in town. The pleasant surf cafe ambiance and variety of healthy options have made this a very popular place with tourists and locals alike.

They are open between 9am- 6pm Monday thru Sunday and are located at 131 Hekili St #109, Kailua, HI 96734.

Please check out there website for more info on what they have to offer, naluhealthbar.com.

The best Acai Bowl in Kailua Hawaii is found on Nalu Health Bar and Cafe

Ohana Circle Island Tours found the best acai bowl in Kailua Hawaii

Wide selection of delicious treats for acai bowl fans here on Kailua HI

Warm ambiance at Nalu Health Bar and Cafe offering the best acai bowl in town | Oahu Hawaii

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Spam Jam 2017 hits Waikiki

A chilly night with scattered rain showers didn’t stop Spam lovers from attending Spam Jam in Waikiki this year. Spam tacos, Spam sushi, Spam Nachos and some music kept visitors entertained and full. Our Island tour customers were a little Spam hesitant at first but they joined in the fun and grabbed a Musubi. Check out some photos from this year’s celebration of Hawaii’s love affair with Spam.

Spam Jam 2017 in Waikiki | Oahu Full Day Island Tour | Ohana Circle Island ToursOhana Circle Island Tour customers enjoying the Spam Jam 2017 night in WaikikiAn amazing night with Spam Jam in Waikiki | Oahu Hawaii Island ToursTasty treats brought by Spam Jam 2017. Discover the best places to eat here in Waikiki.A wide selection of food at the Spam Jam 2017 in Waikiki.The streets of Waikiki are loaded with the locals and tourists coming over for the event.There are actually a lot of different ways of adding Spam into your meals.We want to support the Hawaii foodbank. Check them out!Kayaking in Waikiki has never been this cool!More food at the Spam Jam 2017 in Waikiki. Visit Oahu Hawaii today with Ohana Circle Island TourWaikiki Shopping Plaza | Spam Jam 2017 | Oahu HawaiiHawaii is a melting pot of different cultures and a variety of foodA lively evening full of music during the Spam Jam 2017 in Waikiki | Oahu Hawaii full day toursThe 15th Annual Waikiki Spam Jam Festival 2017 | Ohana Circle Island TourSpam Jam 2017 in Waikiki souvenirs for our lovely Hawaii touristsOhana Circle Island Tour invites you to the next Spam Jam Festival. See you here in Hawaii!
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Cool new cafe in the heart of Waikiki – Kona Coffee Purveyors

Present day Waikiki lacks one thing that all major tourist vacation destinations offer, as well as just cities in general and that’s cafes where you can order a coffee, sit outside and just people watch. The new International Market Place breaks the mold and gives us Kona Coffee Purveyors, the sit down pastry and coffee stop Waikiki desperately needs. The coffee is almost as good as it’s pastries, well in my opinion that is. So be it before you jump on Ohana Circle Island Tour or after, stop by Kona Coffee Purveyors to grab a hot coffee and a chocolate croissant. Make sure to have someone hold you a seat outside because they go fast!Kona Coffee Purveyors | Waikiki Hawaii | Ohana Circle Island Tour - 808-657-2178Grab a coffee after your long Oahu full day tour with Ohana Circle Island Tour at the Kona Coffee PurveyorsKona Coffee Purveyors Waikiki | International Market Place | Oahu Island Tour

Pai’s Deli in Waikiki

Pai’s Deli is a great place to grab a healthy but to eat at a very reasonable price in Waikiki. Tucked away in the Outrigger Waikiki take a break from the all of the Kailua pork sandwiches you have been eating and grab a smoothie or healthy salad to keep that beach bod on par for the remainder of your vacation.

Pai's Deli in Waikiki Hawaii | Oahu full day tour | Ohana Circle Island Tour - 808-657-2178

Surf hits the beach on a beautiful day on Sandy beach, Oahu

Sandy Beach in Oahu | full day circle island tour | Ohana Circle Island Tour

Sandy Beach in Oahu is one of the many serene beaches you can find in Hawaii. It is located in the South Shore of the island. Best known for its bodyboarding and surfing opportunities, Sandy Beach is a marvel for the local people especially with tourists.

Here in Ohana Circle Island Tour, we explore different beaches in Oahu. See other amazing spots like Sandy Beach in Oahu when you book your circle island tour with us. Watch dawn in Sunset Beach and swim with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in Secret Beach. Stops also include Hanauma Bay and Halona Blowhole.

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Sunset hula Show on Waikiki beach

You can enjoy the Sunset Hula Show as the sun sets on Waikiki! This hula show can be seen at Waikiki Beach. It is one of the many fun activities that boost Hawaii’s tourism. Watching the hula dance as the sun sets is as majestic as it sounds!

Sunset Hula Show, Waikiki Beach, Ohana Circle Island Tour

There are more hidden gems you can see for yourself when you join our full day island tour of Oahu aside from cultural shows. Our stops include the Hanauma Bay, Chinaman’s Hut, Amelia Earhart Lookout on Diamond Head, and more.

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Sunday Diamond Head surf session

One of Ohana Circle Island Tour stops include the Amelia Earheart Lookout located on the south side of Diamond Head. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean on the southeast shore of Oahu. Earheart was the first woman to have flown across the Atlantic Ocean.

Diamond Head, Oahu, Ohana Circle Island Tour
Hike Oahu’s Diamond Head and surf its magnificent waves!

Other tour stops include Dole Plantation, the Macadamia Nut Farm, Makapuu Pt., and North Shore’s Shrimp and Fruit Stand. And because we want you to experience only the best of Oahu, we made sure the trip is convenient as well as relaxing for you. Our full day island tours are serviced by fully airconditioned 20 passenger shuttles.

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