Honolulu Floating Lantern Festival

Great drone video of Honolulu Floating Lantern Festival! This is held annually on Oahu’s Memorial Day. Call Ohana Circle Island Tour at 808-657-2178 to check for available tour dates. Don’t miss this spectacular view!

Waikiki Farmers Market

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday make sure to head down to Kings Village for a great Waikiki Farmers Market.  Get fresh Garlic Shrimp, Kailua pig, pineapples, Pad Thai.. it’s all here from 4:00 till 8:00 pm.

Brunch in Hawaii

In my time spent in Hawaii, I’ve learned that there are two things you just can’t go wrong, ordering off the breakfast/ brunch menu when deciding to go out and spend $60 on a meal that you could have made at home for $6. And that my friends are Hawaiian Pancakes and Eggs Benedict. Egghead […]

Sherwood Forest Beach

Well maybe Sherwood Forest Beach isn’t much of a secret but it’s definitely off the beaten path and if you aren’t from around here. This hidden gem is easily missed if you just cruising around the island looking for places to go. Join us on our Hawaii circle island tour and see what this beautiful […]

The Street brings a much needed social foodie scene to Waikiki

The Street in the new International Market Place brings a much needed social foodie scene to the restaurant chain industry that currently dominates the gastronomic scene in Waikiki.  At first, the International Market Place appeared to be an oversaturated Sunglass Hut, Footlocker, Gucci infested Waikiki shopaholic addicted mess. However, with time, interesting cafes and bars […]

Good Afternoon Duke!

Book our island tour today and get 10% off of our Luau’s and Pearl Harbor’s tour. Call Ohana Circle Island Tour at 808-657-2178.

Duke Kahanamoku Statue in Waikiki

See the statue of Duke Kahanamoku in Waikiki at Kuhio Beach Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii. Call Ohana Circle Island Tour today at 808-657-2178 for your Oahu full day circle island tour.

Sunset at Kaimana Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Witness a majestic sunset at Kaimana Beach Honolulu Hawaii. The fine sand, a perfect weather, plus a cold beverage will surely complete your Oahu trip. Have your full day circle island tour with Ohana Circle Island Tour. Call 808-657-2178 for reservations and inquiries. Read more about Oahu from our blog.

Go Out of Waikiki and See The Oahu

Go out of Waikiki and see the marvelous beauty of Oahu. Join Ohana Circle Island Tour in its full day grand circle island tour and complete your dream vacation to Hawaii. Call 808-657-2178 for private tours, reservations, and inquiries.