1. Use online resources and social media to find the best deals: You can use online resources and social media to make the most out of your trip to Hawaii. Online resources and social media can help you make travel plans, find restaurants and so on.
  2. Make your vacation about quality: It is important that you focus on quality if you want to make the most out of your trip to Hawaii. There are lots of memorable experiences that can be had in Hawaii.
  3. Do not travel to Hawaii during school holidays: Hawaii is quite expensive when you travel there during the holidays as condos, rentals, flight rates and everything else is inflated. Try to travel to Hawaii during the off-season as prices are reasonably low.
  4. Pack your own food: Hunger can dampen a fun vacation so it is important that you pack you own food when you make a trip to Hawaii. You can get snacks, you can get an ice chest and you get an insulated bag to help keep food cool.
  5. Splurge on adventure: You should splurge on adventure while you are in Hawaii. You have to enjoy your experience. You can engage in deep diving, take a helicopter tour or soar over waterfalls. You can use camera for car or video recording glasses to record your awesome experiences in Hawaii.
  6. Prepare for jet lag: Do not expect to be totally fit when you arrive in Hawaii. Time difference and jet lag can impact you a bit so you have to ease yourself into your vacation in Hawaii.
  7. Don’t blow your budget: It is important that you do not blow your budget while planning and when you are in Hawaii. Do not try to see everything. It is also not necessary that you stay in a luxury resort. You can consider staying in a condo as it is less costly.
  8. Safety: Your safety is important while you are in Hawaii. Whether you are swimming, riding a kayak or snorkeling in the ocean you should remember that your safety is important. Respect the elements and do not assume that you are invincible.



Maui: Maui is an incredible isle with unique landscapes and terrain. The Haleakala is a popular attraction in Maui. It is an earthly formation that is 10,000 feet above sea level. The Haleakala is a popular destination for hikers and from the Haleakala you can experience breathtaking sunsets.  You should equip yourself with the right gear when you want to hike Haleakala as it is prone to sudden weather changes.  The Ho’okipa Beach is also an exciting location you can check out. It is ideal for surfing and surfers from all over the world spend their holidays there.

Kauai: Kauai is known as the island of discovery or the garden isle. In Kauai you will find the grand canyon of the pacific which is known as the Waimea Canyon. The Waimea Canyon is vast so it is important that you get a map if you want to navigate it.The Na Pali coast is the place to go in Kauai. It has lush rain forests, miles of cliffs and white sand beaches. The Na Pali is isolated and has a rugged terrain so it is important that you equip yourself with the right gear, enough food and enough water.

Oahu’s North Shore – The North Shore is home to famous big wave beaches, North Shore Shrimp stands and Turtle Beach. Join Ohana Circle Island tour and visit all of these places and much more. While visiting the hidden gems of Oahu you will be gorging on our Island fruits, snorkeling with our beloved Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and have you embracing our world renowned beaches on an air conditioned 20 passenger shuttle  Other places to visit in Oahu are the Bishop Museum, Pearl Harbour, The Arizona Memorial, Mauna Loa and Maua Kea.


Check out Ohana Circle Island Tour’s itinerary its Oahu full day tour

Ohana Circle Island tour is a full day tour of Oahu. While visiting the hidden gems of Oahu you will be gorging on our Island fruits, snorkeling with our beloved Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and have you embracing our world renowned beaches on an air conditioned 20 passenger shuttle.

Waikiki pickup 7:15 am

Our semi private shuttle will arrive at 7am for pick up in Waikiki, with a local guide to help you get ready for a day of adventures. Pick up times vary by hotel and will be automatically assigned when you input your information into our online booking platform.

Diamond Head

Our first stop brings us sweeping views of the south eastern coastline, with Diamond Head in the backdrop, this a great opportunity for pictures. The  location is Amelia Earhart Lookout, know for where bystanders gathered to watch Earhart make the first solo aviation journey from Hawaii to North America.

Halona Blowhole

Formed thousands of years ago by molten lava, Halona Blowhole is a lava tube thats run into the ocean, and when a wave hits, the water pressure thrusts water into the air, a true Hawaiian geyser. Nearby is a small beach cove, Cockroach Cove, where the Honu (Green sea turtles) are known to rest.

Makapuu Point

A sweeping view of Oahu’s southeastern shoreline – with tall sea cliffs guarded by Makapuu Point light house, an azure blue ocean, and rabbit island in the distance.

Macadamia nut Farm with Kona coffee samplings

After a beautiful scenic drive along Oahu’s coastline, we arrive at Tropical Farms which offers delicious coffee, chocolates and Macadamia nut treats! They also sell gift baskets and other souvenirs, a great place to get gifts for anyone back home.

Chinaman’s Hat and Kualoa Mountain Range

Chinaman’s Hat, also known as Mokolii, is nestled right next to the Kualoa Mountain range, known for its dramatic landscape filmed in  the movie Jurassic Park. The island has earned the nickname Chinaman’s Hat from its resemblance to the straw hats that the Chinese immigrants wore.

North Shore Shrimp Stands for lunch

Italy is famous for pasta, Mexico has its tacos, and the North Shore has their famous Garlic Shrimp. Farmed fresh and sautéed in large pans daily, the North Shore Shrimp trucks do not disappoint when it comes to their shrimp delicacies. Other non shell fish food options available. Please bring money for lunch.

Tropical Fruit Stands

After lunch we make a stop at North Shore tropical fruit stands, which offers ice cold coconuts to drink from, fresh mangos, and other tropical treats.

 North Shore Sunset Beach

A change of pace from the crowded beaches of  Waikiki, The infamous Sunset Beach on the North Shore offers tranquility and is the epitome of a beautiful Hawaiian Beach. However don’t lets the summer months fool you, during the winter months, swells of 30 to 40 feet can be seen from the safe confines of shore.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle spotting with the option to snorkel

The Green Sea Turtles come out to bask in the sun, and offer visitors a rare chance to see them in person. Snorkel gear is provided if one wishes to go for a swim at no extra cost.  Time at the beach is 90 minutes. 

Dole  Pineapple Plantation

Pineapple magnets, pineapple t-shirts, pineapple keychains and most importantly pineapple ice cream aka Dole Whip!! A great way to end the day and get some pineapple themed souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

Waikiki Return 3:30

After a day of activities and fun, we return to Waikiki, just in time to make plans for the night. Mahalo

International Market Place reopens in Waikiki!


KHON2 news gives us a nice piece on the reopening of International Market Place. Many have differing views on whether Kalakaua needed another mall or not. What do you think?? #internationalmarketplace  #waikiki #oahu #hawaii #khon2

Aloha from Waikiki Beach

If you’re traveling to Waikiki, then the Waikiki Beach is a must- see. The legendary Hawaiian waterman and Olympic gold medalist Duke Kahanamoku grew up surfing the magnificent waves and crystal clear waters of the same beach.

Waikiki Beach | Oahu circle island full day tour | Ohana Circle Island Tour

Enjoy a full day tour of Oahu and immerse yourself in the culture and experience like no other. See the Chinaman’s Hat, swim with the Green Sea Turtles, learn inside the Dole Plantation, all these and more if you let us guide you in this beautiful land!

If you want a Hawaii experience to remember for the rest of your life, then book a tour now with Ohana Circle Island Tour! Reserve your spot now at 808-657-2178 and receive a 10% off from our Luau’s and Pearl Harbor Tour when you book our island tour.