Makapu’u Lookout – Our Oahu Circle Island Tour visits the east side of Oahu

Makapuu Point


Located on the eastern end of the island of Oahu, Makapu’u has served as movie set for movies like 50 First Dates and Hunger Games. On Ohana Circle Island tour you will visit the Makapu’u Point cliff lookout, located on the most eastern tip of the island and is the site of a prominent lighthouse, which is actively utilized by the United States Coast Guard. The entire area is quite scenic and a panoramic view is presented at this lookout, here the road surmounts the cliff just before turning north to the windward side of the island. This lookout is also a great area to spot whale spouting at a distance, so visitors usually make sure to keep an eye on the vast blue ahead! Also visible is Manana Island, dubbed Rabbit Island by locals due to its shape.

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Halona Blowhole – Ohana Circle Island Tour finds Oahu’s natural coves

Halona Blowhole


Thousands of years ago when volcanoes were still active in Oahu, Koko Crater’s lava flowed into this area of the ocean. The molten lava tubes that occurred thousands of years ago formed the natural occurrence we now kn0w as Halona Blowhole. The lava tubes extend into the ocean which are narrow at the top and, when the surf is favorable, this blowhole can shoot sea spray up to thirty feet high in the air. The geyser is most active when the tide is high and the winds are strong. On a calm and clear day, the island of Moloka’i can also be observed in the distance.

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