Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach is a must visit when traveling on the Road to Hana. The mixture of green from the palm trees and vegetation against the stark contrast of the black lava rock and sand is a must see when visiting Hawaii.

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Here are the top places to see in Maui! Hawaii 4k brings you incredible views of Maui

No Maui Vacation is complete without seeing a couple key areas on one of the most popular Hawaiian islands to visit. Our content partner Hawaii 4k spent the weekend over in Maui to bring us the top places to see in Maui all via the DJI Mavic Pro. From the black and red sand beaches on the Road to Hana to the Mars like vistas on Haleakala enjoy the next three of Incredible Maui by Hawaii 4k.

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Ohana Photo of the Day

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles on Oahu's sandy beach | Ohana Circle Island Tour


For most, the best part of Ohana Circle Island Tour is getting to see the majestic Hawaiian green sea turtles on the sand up on Oahu’s North Shore. We have lifeguards that are calling our drivers throughout the day making sure they know which beach to take our tour to for the best chance to see and swim with the green sea turtles. This is what makes our tour so special and we love seeing the joy it brings to our customers when they get to snorkel with the turtles!

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