Halona Blowhole – Ohana Circle Island Tour finds Oahu’s natural coves

Halona Blowhole

  Thousands of years ago when volcanoes were still active in Oahu, Koko Crater’s lava flowed into this area of the ocean. The molten lava tubes that occurred thousands of years ago formed the natural occurrence we now kn0w as Halona Blowhole. The lava tubes extend into the ocean which are narrow at the top […]

Check out Ohana Circle Island Tour’s itinerary its Oahu full day tour

Ohana Circle Island tour is a full day tour of Oahu. While visiting the hidden gems of Oahu you will be gorging on our Island fruits, snorkeling with our beloved Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and have you embracing our world renowned beaches on an air conditioned 20 passenger shuttle. Waikiki pickup 7:15 am Our semi private […]

Halona Blowhole and Eternity Beach

Halona Blowhole is located next to one of the most beautiful and secluded secret beaches on Oahu. While on Ohana Circle Island Tour you will be able to peer down at this beautiful cove and it will definitely warrant a visit back during your vacation.  Come early and you will be able to see all […]

Ohana Circle Island Tour Photo of the Day

Our Ohana Circle Island tour picks up daily in Waikiki and drops off in Waikiki where you were picked up. The tour starts around 7:15 depending on your pick up and we will take you to the ten most beautiful spots on the island with a special stop on the North Shore to snorkel with the turtles. […]

Ohana Photo of the day

One of our favorite stops on the Ohana Circle Island Tour is Halona Blowhole. Right off to the side of the lookout point is Cockroach Cove. This is a beautiful beach that can be accessed by a narrow entrance on the side of the road. Get there early enough and the beach is covered with giant […]