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Aloha from Oahu Hawaii | Oahu full day tour | Ohana Circle Island Tour | 808-657-2178

When we pick you up in the morning for Ohana Circle Island Tour and our drivers greet you with an “Aloha!” some people may not know what that means.  So some may ask…

What does aloha mean?

In Hawaii we say “Aloha!” both when greeting someone and also saying goodbye.  But that is not to be taken literally.

The real meaning behind it in Hawaiian is that of Love, Peace, and Compassion.  It’s the guidelines of how to live – a life of Aloha is one when the heart is so full it is overflowing with the ability to influence others around you with your spirit.

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Bonzai Pipeline Surfing | North Shore Oahu Hawaii | circle island tour with Ohana Circle Island Tour

Bonzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu’s North Shore is the crown jewel of Oahu and one of the surf capitals of the world. Bonzai Pipeline surfing is known to be one of the best activities in Hawaii. The Bonzai Pipeline is a surf reef break off Ehukai Beach Park.

On Ohana Circle Island Tour we spend our afternoons on the North Shore and in the winter months, you will see epic waves like the one shown above and maybe even someone daring enough to drop in.

Book in advance for the summer months as we do tend to get busy during the big swells. Check out our full day grand circle island tour of Oahu here.

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Beautiful aerial view of spectacular Napali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii | Ohana Circle Island Tour

Napali Coast is a wilderness park located in the northwest of Kauai Island, Hawaii. You can see an amazing view of sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls throughout the area.

Here at Ohana Circle Island Tour, we know how hard you work to save up and vacation in Hawai that’s thats why we do our best to make sure that the day you spend with us is the best day of your vacation.  We have compiled the best parts of all the island tours on the market and created an experience that you and your Ohana will talk about for years to come.

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Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii | Oahu full day tour | Ohana Circle Island Tour
Waikiki on a beautiful summer day

High rise hotels plus a vibrant neighborhood – Waikiki has become popular with tourists in Honolulu Hawaii. It is most popular for its surf beach as well as for its lively nightlife.

This is where Ohana Circle Island Tour starts and end its tour operating daily. The full-day tour of Oahu starts in Waikiki at 7:15 AM, depending on your pick up and we will be taking you to the ten best places in the island. The highlight of our tour, of course, is in North Shore where you can snorkel with our famous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles.

Let Ohana Circle Island Tour give you the most out exciting tour of Oahu. If you want a much more intimate tour of the island with friends and family, we offer private tours for groups.

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Green Sea Turtles of Oahu | Honolulu, Hawaii | Ohana Circle Island Tour
Endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles cruises in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii

One of the best things you can do in Oahu is to check out our famous Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. Ohana Circle Island Tours are anticipated by lifeguards who make sure we take our tours to the beaches where we can spot the turtles. Snorkeling gears are provided so you can get the most of this amazing experience.

To ensure that you have the best full day island tour of Oahu, the tour is serviced by an airconditioned 20 passenger shuttle. Tour stops include the Halona Blowhole, Makapuu Point, North Shore Shrimp and Fruit Stand, Dole Plantation, and more.

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